“Love, peace and harmony” is what this delicious sandwich of world music fusion is all about. Psst… there is a free download too!

13 Dec, 2011
Indiecision Staff

World music record label Earth Sync has brought together electro-folk duo Business Class Refugees, along with Hindustani classical singer Shubha Mudgal, and spoken word poet Ursula Rucker to create an electro-fusion album titled No Strangers Here.

Bringing back some old school (and still currently relevant) 16th century rebellion against “religious orthodoxy and caste distinction”, this whole album has been inspired by the poetry of Bhakti saint Kabir. For the lead single ‘A Stranger Here’, Shubha Mudgal renders Kabir’s ancient poetry in her powerful and dulcet classical vocals, along with Ursula Rucker who speaks her evocative lyrical poetry and lilts that she has created specifically for this album. And building the foundation, Kartick and Gotam (of Business Class Refugees) create an ambient soundscape with their own personal hybrid of east-meets-west sound.

We spoke to Shubha Mudgal about her association with the album

For every project there is a certain direction that has to be taken and in this case, there was no sort of existing composition that was given to me to sing. But Patrick and Yotem set out basic grooves over which I sang.

Mudgal also reveals that she sings one of her favourite Kabir quotes in the song ‘When I Was / Jab Mein Tha‘

I have been reading and studying devotional poetry for a long time now. And I have a fairly large, extensive repertoire of medieval devotional poetry which I sing in another style. I usually sing it in the style of Nirgun bhajans. But here, what I’ve tried to do is take pieces… just a few lines or threads out of a particular, larger poem, and use those as one would use in let’s say, just to set a certain tone. There is one track called ‘When I Was’ which I particularly enjoy because the two lines have a profound meaning and for me they really are important lines. It sort of reminds you that work and verse and words written by people like Kabir have relevance even today.

Check out the track ‘A Stranger Here’ below.

A Stranger Here by highonscore

Oh, and by the way free downloadie-goodness as well, of  ’A Stranger Here’, here.

Find the track list below.

  1. Seraphim Tones
  2. Drunk In Love / Diwaana
  3. Steadfast
  4. When I Was / Jab Mein Tha
  5. A Stranger Here
  6. Searching For You
  7. Something Is Still Missing
  8. Above All Else / Ya Kareem
  9. Outsider / Pardesi

For more information, take a gander at their website here.