After the the success of the album, 'No Stranger Here' , Business Class Refugees are working on their next project - bringing the album to stage.

Joining hands with Ursula Rucker,  Business Class Refugees are creating a new interpretation that includes materials from the past as well as a live version of the album, taking the audience on a music journey - starting in India, moving to the middle east and going all the way to the US.

Business Class Refugees

Music producer Patrick Sebag and sound designer Yotam Agam have collaborated on several EarthSync projects over past years.

Most notably, Laya Project, the award-winning audio-visual documentary and live show celebrating the music and culture of six countries affected by the 2004 Asian tsunami. Other EarthSync releases include Voice Over The Bridge, and Nagore Sessions which Rolling Stone magazine called “fantastic world music”.

A unique ear for blending up-and-coming electronic beats with the intriguing local music from around the world they encounter on their constant travels to remote cultures, distinguishes Business Class Refugees from the musical mainstream.

Business Class Refugees have performed on many stages across India, and several international shows. They were honored to open the annual 2009 AWME (Australian World Music Expo), Melbourne, Australia, and in 2010, have performed at Drom and The Shrine, New York, Reading3, and Bamboo in Israel, Reunion Islands, USA and had a successful European tour in 2012.


Ursula Rucker

As a poet and performance artist, Ursula Rucker has enchanted critics and fans across the globe with her diverse repertoire, captivating vocals and accessible poetic verse. 

Ursula's work has been described as part of a growing movement that is slowly adapting its aural sensibilities to women, particularly in the hip-hop and urban music. Counteracting male artists who casually linger on tales of black whoredom, Ursula plays an essential role in the rise of a new crop of female recording artists who deliver strong, intelligent, and visionary feminine flavor.

Critics have compared Ursula to celebrated writers like Sonia Sanchez and Nikki Giovanni. Coincidentally, when Ntozake Shange was unable to provide The Roots with a spoken word contribution for their debut album Do You Want More?!!?!! (Geffen, 1994), they called on her to fit the bill. "The Unlocking", which closed the album, introduced Ursula to the world of progressive hip-hop and led to subsequent invitations to close The Roots follow-up albums Iladelph Halflife (Geffen, 1996) and Things Fall Apart (MCA, 1999).

Ursula, a global activist, enlightens in the recording studio and at her powerful live shows. In 2005 she headlined the FREEDOM Festival in Australia, to raise awareness for Amnesty Internationals global Stop Violence Against Women campaign.
She recently completed an epic poem for a collaboration with Pullitzer-prize winning photographer Clarence Williams.  She has received funding from the Leeway Foundation and in 2010 was named a Creative Ambassador by the City of Philadelphia.
Ursula Rucker believes that art and poetry are catalysts for change. Her mission and calling is to heal herself, the planet, and its people through her art. While she sees the world as her community, she pays particular attention to the world of women, indigenous/diasporic people, and sufferers of injustice. Her poetry tells the stories of struggle, love, womanhood, peace, anger, injustice, and spirituality. As an artist who has performed in many continents, countries, classrooms, and community centers, Ursula sees herself as an ambassador of culture, socio-political issues, truth, and love.

About The Album

No Stranger Here is inspired by the poetry of the 16th century Indian poet Kabir from the Bhakti movement (500-1700 AD) that swept across India as a rebellion against religious orthodoxy and caste distinctions, propagating peace, harmony and love - an ancient movement as relevant now as it was then.

With individual sensitivity, respect and deep artistic understanding of their own and different cultures, Shubha Mudgal, Ursula Rucker and Business Class Refugees came together in distinct diversity to unite with the timeless, spiritual voice of humanity.

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