Sing, my prayers in seraphim tones

Paused at the crossroads
Of the station
Waiting for my lover to arrive
And meet me again
Leaping, bounds…and beats,
With each, bell, and whistle
Hope my love, is in his will
What must I do?
To quicken this moment of reunion
This moment of healing
Of renewal
This moment, of enlightenment
Of sheer joy
Heaven sent
Shall I, pray
Will my plea be seen as just cliché?
Shall I lay, prostrate?
As I await

Sing, my prayers in seraphim tones

I feel powerless,
Consumed, with sadness
Without my lovers embrace
And protection
I teeter in limbo
Walk, a fine line
Between passion and the divine
For balance
Long for clarity
Desire for no desire
No need
Dream, of sweet and utter fulfillment
There seems to be no refuge
No ear that will truly hear
The story of my yearning,
My discontentment,
I spurn all advances, all attempts
To earn, my heart
My soul,
My love,
So, shall I pray

Sing, my prayers in seraphim tones

Till I am alone,
No more,
So shall I pray

Ursula Rucker

Without my love
My heart hurts with longing
The day holds no peace for me
Nights are without sleep
To whom can I explain this immense sadness?

Without my love
Without my love


Saint Kabir
Sung by Shubha Mudgal