Your Art

"This simple yet profoundly mystic and earthly interpretation of Kabirs' poem by Shubha Mudgal, Ursula Rucker and Business Class Refugees have really moved me to create this video.

I was inspired from my own journey as a native anthropologist in central Anatolia while making my first documentary film 28 Days on the Moon (2011).

I lived half of my life abroad, from place to place, home to home... my journey takes place on an old paper look alike canvas, just like of those: used centuries ago by many of the greatest poets of time. Though Kabir himself never used one, just like him, I preferred to have it with no written words on it. Instead I used real time recorded images as another form of oral and visual expression.

These images represent my quest and search of belonging to my heritage, roots and home, consisted of the timeless steps of surreal Cappadocia to the moist climate of the Bosphorus of Istanbul, Turkey."

- Eda Elif Tibet